Bush School 2016

Date: 7th – 8th May 2016 Location: Whatipu Trampers: Sarah Daniell, Matt Battley, Blair Ramsdale, Sophie Jenkins, Yi Xin Heng, Timothy Gray, Tanya Peart, Nikki Reed, Alistair Newcombe, Pattarasuda Rawiwan, Zak Stark, Carl Barnhill, Fran Osten, Sandra Tonstad, Matthew Pearce, Andrew Battley Swamp. This was the word that captured my attention. Deciding that I wanted to fulfil … More Bush School 2016

Snow Caving Trip

We dug a hole in the snow and slept in it Date: 06/09/15 to 08/09/15 Location: Mt. Ruapehu Trampers: Sam Hood, Sam Granger, Sam Lancaster-Robertson, David Zeng, Jamie Corkill, Marc Reinhardt, Joshua Thorensen, Sophie Jenkins, Hamish Buckley, and guest starrin Tim Bulmer That is what happened. After a night spent at Sophie’s bach in National Park … More Snow Caving Trip

O-camp 2014

 Our annual trip to the Waitaks. The first trip of the year and among the biggest we do. We had an awesome turnout of over 70+ people. Transport was a mix of cars and one bus; funnily enough the bus actually ended up waiting at the wrong car park for over 2 hours, wondering if … More O-camp 2014

The strenuous yet oh-so-relaxing Kawekas

The strenuous yet oh-so-relaxing Kawekas With mid-semester break finally upon us and the weather forecast for the next few days looking promising, our trip to the Kawekas was all go. After battling some morning traffic out of town, we were en-route to Taupo BurgerFuel to savour the last luxuries of civilisation before we left it all behind. Then, by late afternoon, the Kaweka range was almost upon us. Here we found our first challenge: the road leading to our destination blocked by a mighty and fast-flowing river that spelled out “Thou shalt not pass”. Yet, such rivers are no match for a Ford Mondeo and a Toyota Levin. With a high speed run-up, and our hats held on tight, we were across to the other side where the Kawekas awaited. … More The strenuous yet oh-so-relaxing Kawekas

Kaweka Easter Tramp

t started as a cold day with little light. The motorway was mostly devoid of signs of life, and houses were barely awakening from their serene slumber. The crew met outside the library and mumbled out some introductions as our brains started to remember how to talk. Soon we were on our way. We snaked along the highway towards Napier, passing various mobile
police restaurants. After a quick stop in Napier, we were on our merry way again. The Kaweka promised land did not disappoint. There were trees, windy roads, road signs and crashed army trucks. Everything one looks for in a national forest. At the Lakes carpark the journey began. Five university students became five travelling sages, ascending through the dry green pine giants. The earth was yellowish brown with visible signs of cracking. A light haze blanketed all around as the effects of the summer drought were in full blossom. … More Kaweka Easter Tramp

Six Days in Nelson Lakes

Verdict: An extremely satisfying circuit, with fantastic landscape and track diversity. Theinteresting array of people we met were the icing on the cake.
Day 1
Our epic six day, 90+ km adventure kicked off with a three hour cruisy walk from St Arnaud to Lakehead Hut. With the heaviest pack I’ve ever carried on my back, I looked forward to the scrumptious dinner we planned for our first night. Penne Mediterranean is a delicious concoction of red onion, capsicum and feta – a must-try for all feta lovers! With wasp infested toilets, bumblebees and sandflies everywhere, Lakehead Hut is not ideally located.
Day 2
Nelson Lakes 2Imagine a crystal clear flowing river, surrounded by the mountains of the Travers Range and you will picture the idyllic scenery of Nelson Lakes National Park. … More Six Days in Nelson Lakes