AUTC Intentions Form

The completion of an AUTC intentions form is compulsory for every trip. The point of this form is so that the club can keep track of all trips (and people), and contact relevant authorities if a group fails to return on time. All questions regarding this should be directed to the AUTC Safety Officer – [email protected].

Here’s an example of a completed intentions form:

Downloadable Version send to to [email protected].

Big Event Intentions

AUTC Big Trip Intentions form

The AUTC big trip Intentions form is to be printed and filled out for trips with large numbers of people or separate groups of people (such as the regular AUTC social trips) .  The form must be filled in by the leader of each party. It should be collected by the safety officer or another experienced tramper prior to the party going out.

Every large AUTC trip must have a designated person in charge of safety.