How To Organise a Trip

STEP 1 – Come up with a plan…

Decide when and where you want to go. If you’re short on ideas, email [email protected] and our trips officer will help you out.

Plan what route you plan on taking for each day of the trip, for example:

Day 1: Drive to Ruapehu and camp.

Day 2: Walk the Tongariro crossing (5-7 hours). Drive back to Auckland in the evening.

Research your route!  

  • Ask the trips or safety officer – chances are someone in the AUTC committee has done a similar trip recently and can tell you all about it!
  • Check the Department of Conservation website for track times and information
  • Check guide books/websites

STEP 2 – Write an email to advertise your trip

To get other club members to sign up to your trip, you’ll need to send an email advertising your trip to the club mailing list: [email protected] (where XXXX is the year, e.g. 2021)

Subject line of the email:
Trip name/location AND date

Body of the email:

A description of the trip, including:

  • Where the trip is going
  • When the trip starts and finishes
  • What sort of trip is it (e.g. Day walk in the bush, alpine trip, easy overnight trip…)
  • An estimate of the cost

What is expected of participants:

  • Fitness level and experience required
  • Specific skills required (e.g. alpine experience)
  • Gear needed for this trip. You can add a link to an appropriate AUTC gear list.

Day Trip

A sign up form or a list of info people must email you to sign up:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Email
  4. Emergency contact name AND phone number
  5. Any medical conditions?
  6. Any dietary requirements?
  7. Do you have a car? If yes, how many people including yourself can you take?

STEP 3 – Safety & final planning

Make sure everyone who has signed up to your trip knows exactly what is going on.

Check weather forecasts. Consider postponing the trip if they are really bad.

Fill out the AUTC Intentions Form and send it to s[email protected] . Make sure you text the safety officer when you get out from your trip! s