Plan A Trip

How to write an email advertising a trip/event

Here is a template for you to use when writing your trip/event notice to send out on the mailing list.
The address to send the email to is: [email protected] (where YYYY is the current 4 digit year, e.g. 2012).

Subject line

“Trip name and Date”


First line should be:
I’m organising/running a trip/event to….

• where the trip/event is
• when the trip/event is (and how long for)
• what sort of trip/event is.. eg, alpine, walk in the park, bush bash, multiday, easy overnight, social event, other…
• an indication of the cost
• what is expected of participants in terms of:
– what they need to bring/supply (food, gear etc)
– experience
– fitness
– skills

The standard sign up list:

1: Name
2: Cellphone number
3: Next of kin contact details (name+number)
4: Recent trips you have been on
5: Any medical conditions we need to know about
6: Dietary requirements
7: Do you have a car, if so, how many people can it take
8: Do you have all the gear on the gear list.

Gear list:

Appropriate gear lists can be found as follows, either include the link or the list itself at the end of the email. You can add/subtract from it if you think it’s necessary but in most cases you’ll find they are quite complete lists.

Day Trip: