Ōngāruanuku – Our Hut

We have our very own club hut located in the Waitakere Ranges just west of Auckland, our beloved Ōngāruanuku (or O’nuku for short).  Ōngāruanuku translates most appropriately to ‘Meeting Place of the Wizards’!

O’nuku is used regularly for events such as our Orientation Camp, Bush School, Hut Birthday Party, Xmas Party and a base for many excursions into the Waitakere Ranges.  O’nuku was originally a derelict timber camp cookhouse known as ‘Simla hut’. In 1944 AUTC struck a deal to obtain ownership of the hut from Auckland City Council. The hut was finally opened on the 27th of August 1944 after an extended period of wrecking, building, decorating and glazing.; It is still maintained by enthusiastic club members in their spare time and many many weekends have been spent working on it.

A twin cubicle composting toilet (complete with water tank and handbasin) was installed by a working party in 2008 and has been extensively tested and is still going strong with no odours and plenty of composting action happening, a huge improvement over the old dark, dingy and smelly long drops!

We have an elected Hut Officer on the committee, Dion ([email protected]) who is in charge of all things related to the hut (except bookings – see below), contact him if you have any questions.

Club members can use the hut free of charge, for non-club members the charge is

Adults: $8/night 18 years and over
Children: $6/night 5-17years
Infant: Free Under 5 years

Current AUTC Members:    Free!

Contact Parksline on 09 366 2000 or 0800 80 60 40, option #2 for bookings (for both members and non-members).