Mt Eden

Mount Eden has some of the best tramping in Auckland. Its convenient location and prestigious place in the history of mountaineering makes it a prime choice for amateurs and professionals alike.


Mount Eden is accessible from the central city, by car, on foot, or with public transport. Regular bus services run along Mt Eden Rd, while both Mt Eden and Grafton train stations are within walking distance. Mind you, so is the central city – don’t be lazy, just walk there.

The reserve itself is now closed to vehicles, (with the exception of the occasional tour bus, if the driver knows who to bribe) and as such the ascent must be completed on foot.

Editor’s note: Driving from the central city with the intention to summit Mt Eden is an offence that may lead to banishment from the club. You call yourself a tramper?

Trips of days gone by:

Wine and Cheese

This annual socials trip is rather self explanatory. A force of trampers summit the great peak, taking with them the crucial survival supplies of Chasseur, cheese and crackers. An evening of merriment is held, and then all disperse back to their own beds, as tents are frowned upon in public parks.

See Footprints 2016 (pg 10), 2015 (pg 7), 2014 (pg 5)