legendary Tales

The Tramping club has many legendary tales.

These are some of them:-

Andrew (64) recently went on a trip with 13 girls and has not been seen in the country since.

Rob Frost (Frosty Boy) woke up after the Ball wrapped only in a sarong in a retirement village on the north shore, with no recollection of how he got there.

Rob (call me a helicopter)Frost also had three helicopter call outs in a year.

Andy O’Loan killed a possum with a piece of supplejack and Jacque skinned it in front of a group of horrified newbies and international students in the Kaimais.

Ryan Foggarty streaked at most major social events in 2005.

Andy O’Loan busked for his fare back from Picton using only a medical glove.

*Someone* passed out on the toilet spewing at May Camp.

*Someone* hotboxed a snow cave.

*Someone* got lost on the easy walk at May Camp.

*Someone* danced with an inflatable Whale at the Ball.

*Someone* accidentally broke both of an international students ankles at Beginners snow school.

*Someone* went skinny dipping for a deer skull in a freezing stream in Pureora forest.

*Some people* got lost on the way to the Club Hut, going out to the Christmas party, they wandered along cutty grass track for 2 hours and then ended up at the Piha road at 1am in the morning.

*Someone* brought an electric blanket on the International Students Camp.

*A couple* took 6 hours to come back from the Rambo run at the Christmas party.

*An individual* took 7 hours to come back from the Rambo run at the Christmas party.

*Someone* got lost on the grundy run at Piha beach

*A group of individuals* smoked hookah on the Taupo pavement instead of going tramping on a recent ‘tramping trip’.

*Someone* staggered around the kitchen at the Hut Christmas party with a pair of fake breasts attached to his head.

*A certain young couple* who went to fetch from the car park the new plastic container for the hut locker hadn’t shown up again after an hour and a half. On investigating their disappearance, the container was found left at the start of a largely abandoned track and the decision was made that is was better not to continue down the track looking for them any further. Needless to say the couple miraculously found their way again and turned up at the hut some time later.

*A young man from the committee* shared his tent with two young ladies at Orientation, claiming ‘I just wanted to see how many people I could fit in my tent’.

*To one beautiful firey red headed girl* The best darn drinker anyone could hope to meet at a party.

*There is a man known as Tramping Jesus* who is well known for regular streaking and favours to corrupt new generations of trampers in the same manner.

From the fuzzy hut party memory files – everyone at the Hut party spent the night climbing in and out of the window because we couldn’t get the door to open, so we all woke up with bruises on our legs, and we all partook in a ‘mass snuggle’ where we jumped on top of Lloyd and then ran away again, leaving him bewildered and confused.

Under the influence of Chasseur, *xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx* fisted each other on the bottom bunk in Moss Creek hut. Meanwhile, *xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx* had great sex inspired by the Kama Sutra and Mein Kampf on the top bunk, and xxxxxxx had great fun with a sock on a stretcher.

*Matt* summited O’nuku after a few glasses of chasseur, for some extreme ironing. How extreme this ironing was, none are quite sure, though it resulted in the death of the beloved board, whose spirit now haunts the hut.