Hut Games

The cup game: This is where you stand behind a line with two plastic cups, upside-down in hand, you slide along the floor using only the cups, you can’t touch any part of your body on the floor, and you push one cup out as far as you can, you then have to get back to the line and stand up using only the cup for balance. The winner pushes the cup the furthest. -full tin cans make a painful, but robust alternative to cups .

Rafter climbing: Generally practised at May Camp, Hut parties and other social gatherings where rafters are present. A large wooden patch on the floor at Waharau camp is testament to a rafter climber who fell several metres, and also fell through the floor. He was lucky and didn’t break any bones.. The club is also very luck that the camp management weren’t too upset

Table traverse: You have to move over the top and underneath of a table without touching the floor, ends of the table, table legs, or any framework under the tabletop… special exceptions are often made for wide tables such as that at Ongaruanuku where use of the longitudinal supports is permitted. strong athletic types (or tall climbers) generally do well at this. It is often desirable to have people sitting atop the table to prevent it from overturning during traverse.

Bench traverse: Similar to table traverse except a bench seat is used, whilst the actual actions undertaken are similar, it uses a different skill set. The bench is a lot narrower so arm length is no longer a factor, but any outside interference is not allowed so balance becomes a major issue. (spotting of the bench such that it does not land on top of the traverser should it topple is advisable)

Body Traverse: The game starts with two players standing facing one another, one must pass over the other, down their back, between their legs, and finish back in front of the person, facing them and supported on their legs.

The phone book game: Pairs of trampers/climbers stand on a pile of phone books and each has to touch the floor in turn while their partner supports them. The pile of phone books gets progressively larger. The current record is 17 phone books.

Box game: A simple game where you have to pick up a box (beer, pizza, etc. any kind will do) from the floor using only your teeth. Only your feet may touch the ground. as the game progresses, a knife is used to shorten the box, if all goes well, you will eventually be sucking a flat sheet of paper off the ground.

Sardines Best played outside on a dry and moonlit night. One person runs off and hides, and the other people have to look for them, when they find them they have to lie down quietly beside them in their hiding place. The last person to find the group of sardines is ‘it.’

Grundy runs: Self explanatory really. (to the older generation anyway- “grundies” = “undies”)


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