Drinking Games

* Don’t forget in the midst of having fun to drink responsibly and safely *

Circle of Death

Players: 2 – No limit

All you need is a deck of cards, a cup and a ton of beer (or drink of choice). Lay all the cards out, face down in a circle, with the cup in the middle. Start with one person drawing a card out of the deck and continue pulling until the fourth king has been pulled or all the cards are gone, your choice. The person must do something corresponding to the card they pulled as follows:

1-6 – If it’s red, you must drink. If it’s black, give out that many drinks times two (ie. a black 4, pass out 8 to whoever you want.) 7 – Ladies drink 8 – Gentlemen drink 9 – Rhyme: pick a word and start going around the circle rhyming with it. The first to pause, repeat a word or say something that doesn’t rhyme must drink. 10 – Ahead: the person to your left must drink. Jack – Back: the person to your right must drink. Queen – Category: pick something general like beer types or condom types, and start going around the circle, same rules as rhyming. The first to pause, repeat or screw up must drink. King – The first three people to pull kings may pour as much beer into the cup in the middle as he or she wants. The person to pull the forth king must drink everything in the cup. Ace – Waterfall: whoever pulls the card designates which way the waterfall is going (to the right or left). Everyone starts drinking at the same time, when the person who pulls the card stops, whichever way the waterfall is going you must stop drinking in that order (i.e. if the waterfall is going to the left, when the person who pulled the card stops, the person on their left may stop and then the person on their left may stop, etc.)

You must only address other players as ‘brother’ and ‘sister’, ie. ‘Sister Kate’. If you call someone by just their name, you have to drink.

This game is traditionally played at May Camp.

Old school AUTC versions of this game, typically played at orientation, at the hut, or at any opportune moment, more commonly known as “kings” replace the face-down in a circle arrangement of cards and a central vessel with drawing the top card from a deck, kings denoting beverage, vessel, location, and consumer… (allowing such wonderful possibilities as someone drinking a mix of beer, wine, whiskey and a raw egg from a gumboot whilst suspended by their feet from the rafters)  These older games typically had no black/red distinction, and often included a rule card – drawer makes a rule, for example the name someone must be adressed by, stipulating international drinking rules, or assigning a drinking buddy to someone. Toilet cards were often also stipulated (becoming valuable trading items during long games when leaving the circle is dissallowed.)

I have never

Players sit in a circle, with full drinking vessels. Each person goes around in a circle and asks the group if they have ever done…something. If they have, they have to drink.

Buckley Whispers

Not a drinking game as such, more a game to play while drinking. Good for getting to know people. Take turns whispering a question to the person on your left. The person answering the question must answer out loud with the name of someone else in the group (you can’t answer with your own name.) Once the question has been answered a coin is tossed. Heads – the person who answered the question has to tell the group what the question was. Tails – The question is kept a secret.

International drinking rules

At the commencement of a drinking session standard drinking rules may be put into place.  The first of these rules is that you may not inform anyone of the rules, but rather inform them of their duty to consume following breaking such rules.
The rest of the rules are as follows:

Left hand only for enforced drinks, Right hand for casual drinking.  pinky fingers must not contact the vessel.
First names must not be used, any other form of address is acceptable., degrading or affectionate nicknames are encouraged, although typically people are adressed as brother/sister-surname.
No pointing – often elbows are used in the place of fingers
“Drink”, “skull”, “chug”, and other terms are considered vulgar, the correct term is “consume”
The item holding your begerage is not a cup, glass, bottle, or a can, it is a vessel.

Some drinking games allow the addition of more rules to the standard list.  under no circumstances shall new-comers, or players who have left the room during the declaration of these rules be informed of the additional rules.