CaptainAnoek Grosmann[email protected]Provides overall leadership for the club, sets goals and directions and makes sure everyone else is doing what they are meant to.2010: Kathleen Collier
2011: Anton Gulley
2012: Matthew Lillis
2013: Harriet Peel
2014: Helen Liley
2015: Matthew Battley
2016: Matthew Battley
2017: Sophie Jenkins
2018: Sach Knight
2019: Fran Osten and Abi Hill (Co-Captains)
2020: Andrew Battley
SecretaryNgaire Metcalf[email protected]Looks after the paperwork side of things, organises committee meetings, takes the minutes and deals with correspondence. Also normally organises the grants from AUSA.2010: Charis Wong
2011: Christina Fullerton
2012: Harriet Peel
2013: Andrew Luey
2014: Sarah Daniell
2015: Carl Barnhill
2016: Louis Christie
2017: Fran Osten
2018: Abi Hill
2019: Ellen Jose
2020: Anoek Grosmann
TreasurerRenjie Mike Huang[email protected]Looks after the money side of things, gives out cheques and collects money and receipts for club activities and organises the clubs accounts.2010: Anton Gulley
2011: Nico Thorburn
2012: Nico Thorburn
2013: Carl Barnhill
2014: Andrew Luey / Carl Barnhill
2015: Sam Hood
2016: Joseph Griffiths
2017: Tom Andrews
2018: Fran Osten
2019: Andrew Battley
2020: Elisabeth Lambert
Aidan Sarginson[email protected]Organises the trips launches and encourages people to lead trips. Tries to make sure that there are trips going on throughout the year.2010: Sarah Wyse
2011: Tom Goodman
2012: Alastair McDowell
2013: Alastair McDowell
2014: Sylvie Admore
2015: Carmen Chan
2016: Bianca Freytag
2017: Jamie Corkill
2018: Wing Kam
2019: Seán Thomson
2020: Conor Nelson
Alison Spera[email protected]Ensures trips are only undertaken provided groups are sufficiently capable and prepared and is the emergency contact. Organises training like Bush school, leaders school and external training like first aid courses. Manages the club EPIRBs.2010: Andrew Hudson
2011: Matthew Lillis
2012: Helen Liley
2013: Leighton Watson
2014: Matt Battley
2015: Daniel Scholes
2016: Sophie Jenkins
2017: Sach Knight
2018: Andrew Battley
2019: Max Jenkins
2020: Laura Jacks
Campbell Foskin[email protected]Looks after the club gear. In charge of hiring out gear and making sure that is returned and kept in good condition.2010: Peter Luk
2011: Andrew Hudson
2012: Carl Barnhill
2013: Jimmy Chancellor
2014: Anna Bergin
2015: Helen Liley
2016: Helen Liley
2017: Toby Jackson
2018: Flynn Parrish
2019: Jason Rosinger
2020: Jack Hopkins
Memberships OfficerEllen Jose[email protected]Signs up new members throughout the year. Puts the membership database together and co-ordinates the o-week stall.2010: Christina Fullerton
2011: Anna Luo
2012: Andrew Luey
2013: Ruifeng (Ray) Li
2014: Hannah Brightley
2015: Ruifeng (Ray) Li
2016: Ruifeng (Ray) Li
2017: Tim Gray
2018: Ellen Jose
2019: Ngaire Metcalf
2020: Ellen Jose
Max Jenkins, Eu-Lee Teh[email protected]The alpine officers sit on the committees of both the AUTC and AURAC (Auckland University Rock and Alpine Club). Their role is to look after the combined alpine gear of both clubs (crampons, ice axes, helmets, ropes etc) and coordinate alpine instruction courses (Beginners and Advanced Snowschools) and alpine trips for both clubs.2010: Craig Smith
2011: Craig Smith
2012: Christina Fullerton
2013: Tom Goodman
2014: Roman Ammann
2015: Stephen Waite
2016: Stephen Waite
2017: Tyler Waters
2018: Toby Jackson, Lewis Christie
2019: Toby Jackson
Brendon Graf
Genevieve Joyce[email protected]Manages past members’ contact details, and old club records.2018: Brian Davis
2019: Anna Kalatcheva
2020: Belinda Battley (advisor), Anna Kalatcheva
Environmental OfficerAllan Wu[email protected]Responsible for the baiting and trapping around the hut, liaising with ARC, promoting good environmental practice within the club. This position has only recently been established (2011).2011: Sarah Wyse
2012: Annie Cao
2013: Peter Guilbert
2014: Dylan Steeples
2015: Maud Tissink
2016: Jamie Corkill
2017: Markus Gronwald
2018: Amelia Verall
2019: Anoek Grosmann
2020: Seán Thompson
Elisabeth Lambert[email protected]Looks after the club hut in the Waitakere Ranges. Makes sure that the hut is well maintained and organises any repairs that need doing.2010: Thomas Ferguson
2011: Harry Aitken
2012: Harry Aitken
2013: Freddie Conquer
2014: Thomas Miller
2015: David Zeng
2016: Sarah Daniell
2017: Dion Bramley
2018: Sophie Jenkins
2019: Daniel Nogueira
2020: Campbell Foskin
PublicationsSophie Mansell[email protected]Organises the annual club magazine ‘Footprints’ and encourages people to write trip reports for it. Sends monthly email newsletters and manages the annual photo competition.2010: Jake Nana
2011: Tony Siu
2012: Sylvie Admore
2013: Sarah Daniell
2014: Anna Luo
2015: Louis Christie
2016: Carmen Chan
2017: Abi Hill
2018: Anna Kalatcheva
2019: Katy MacKenzie
2020: Max Jenkins
Holly Jameson, Ryan Yong[email protected]Plans and co-ordinates all the major club social events during the year. Encourages others to organise events too.2010: Thomas Goodman and Rosanna Walton
2011: Rosanna Walton and Georgia Yarrow
2012: Natalie Barrell and Jessica Shaw
2013: Katie Herbert and Liane Batcher
2014: Laura Goudie and Joseph Griffiths
2015: Natalie Sharples and Nicolas 6Lombard
2016: Moira Dickson and Mark Swarbrick
2017: William Peart and Blair Ramsdale
2018: James Judd and Jamie Corkill
2019: Yi Xin Heng, Chris Holyer
2020: Renjie Mike Huang, Jason Rose
Andrew Battley,
Chris Holyer,
Ellen Jose,
Laura Jacks, Sophie Jenkins, Seán Thompson
[email protected]More experienced members who help out all around the place, and ensure that knowledge is retained.2013: Tom Goodman, Anton Gulley, Craig Smith, Matthew Lillis, Sylvie Admore, Nico Thorburn
2014: Kathleen Collier, Anton Gulley, Thomas Goodman, Harriet Peel, Carl Barnhill, Katie Herbert
2015: Anton Gulley, Katie Herbert, Anna Luo, Sarah Daniel, Sylvie Admore
2016: Anton Gulley, Sylvie Admore, Sam Hood, David Zeng, Carl Barnhill
2017: Carl Barnhill, Sarah Daniell, Matt Battley, Louis Christie, Joseph Griffiths
2018: Carl Barnhill, Sarah Daniell, Matt Battley, Tim Gray
2019: Carl Barnhill, Sarah Daniell, Sophie Jenkins, Sach Knight, James Judd
PresidentMark Battley[email protected]A member of the University staff who is on hand to advise the committee and ensure consistency from year to year.2010-16: John Cater
2017-Present: Mark Battley
Johanna Le[email protected]Maintains and updates the club website.2010: Rob Connolly
2011: Alastair McDowell
2012: Benjamin Duggan
2013: Richard Hosking
2014: Richard Hosking
2015: Hamish Buckley
2016: Hamish Buckley
2017: Andrew Battley
2018: Max Jenkins
2019: Conor Nelson
2020: Sáschä Wísé
General MembersMathew Creahan, Emma Tyson,
Josh Rüther
[email protected]Odd Jobs-Not elected at the AGM; Co-opted by the existing committee in April/May2010: Matthew Lillis & Nico Thorburn
2011: Helen Liley & Jessica Shaw
2012: Sarah Daniell & Leighton Watson
2013: Matthew Battley
2014: Ray Li & Sam Hood
2015: Moira Dickson & Bianca Freytag
2016: Sach Knight, Andrew Battley, Taylor Blyth
2017: Ellen Jose, Flynn Parrish & Matthew Sinclair
2018: Seán Thomson, Katy Mackenzie, Ngaire Metcalf
2019: Elisabeth Lambert Renjie Mike Huang
Laura Jacks