AUTC Advanced Snow School 2021

What is snow school?

Snow school is a club run course tailored for anyone who wants to gain confidence in navigating in the alpine terrain in winter. 


This is an introductory course suitable for anyone who is new to the alpine terrain. It is a 3-day course, tailored to provide basic skills to help you move through the alpine environment. This includes moving safely and efficiently with ice axe and crampons.  From this course, you should gain confidence in participating in easy alpine trips and comfortably move through alpine terrain on tramps. It is also a great way to see if alpine climbing is for you.

It is recommended that you have completed the Beginner’s course (or equivalent) and ideally have had done a couple of alpine trips prior. It is a 5-day course designed to further your alpine climbing skills including glacier travel, alpine camping/shelter, and climbing on steeper terrain where roping up is required. 

On July 7th, a team of 5 instructors and 10 students headed up to Mt Ruapehu for a 5-day advanced snow school course (a lead up from our beginners course). The team had an amazing 2 days learning techniques to tackle steeper terrain, snow anchors, glacier travel, and snow pack conditions. Thanks to the weather, they were able to camp out in the snow for the first night. As the weather picked up, they retreated to the comfort of TASC lodge, where they spent time learning more about snow anchors, crevasse rescue, learning how to stay safe and make good decisions on the mountain, and most importantly having fun along the way. Huge thanks to our students and especially our talented bunch of instructors, who generously gave up their time helping to run the courses.

Look out for our Snow School email during the year if you’re interested in being one of these people in the snow below

Your snow school instructors familiarizing themselves with the latest literature in preparation for your courses ❄️