O-camp 2014

TripReport_O Camp Our annual trip to the Waitaks. The first trip of the year and among the biggest we do. We had an awesome turnout of over 70+ people. Transport was a mix of cars and one bus; funnily enough the bus actually ended up waiting at the wrong car park for over 2 hours, wondering if AUTC had perhaps taken a wrong turn on the trails. Meanwhile we were chilling under some trees near Piha beach and enjoying plenty of chocolate and ice cream from the local store.Besides that problem it went rather smoothly, with people on arrival being able to pick a range of tracks ranging in difficulty, from an easy 1 hour and 30 minute trip to a 6 hour one. Following a stream dip by some and a few games of volleyball and cards, dinner was served. Amazing burgers and salad, with a vegetarian option of course! This was followed by our famous hut games and partying with music. Tell me, have you heard of Table Traversing? Well come along to our next o’trip to find out! Many thanks to the committee that helped out that night!