Auckland University Tramping Club (AUTC), founded in 1932,  is one of the oldest clubs on campus. Today the Club is a thriving community with over 800 members, making it one of the largest clubs at the University!

Our members run numerous tramping and alpine trips, from day trips on the weekends to multi-day trips in the weekend and holidays. Our trips go all over the country: around Auckland, up far North, in the mountains of central North Island and in the lovely South Island. We love mud, water, and snow; wherever there are trees, streams, mountains or caves, you will find us!

In addition to tramping trips, the club runs social events such as Orientation weekend, the famous May camp (in July), Progressive dinner, Posh dins and the Outdoor Clubs’ Ball. We also host parties, movie nights, camping trips, cooking competitions, quiz nights, football matches, and whatever else people feel like doing! We do lots of socialising with the other outdoor clubs on campus, including the Rock and Alpine Club (AURAC), the Snowsports Club (AUSC), and the Canoe Club (AUCC).

The tramping club also organises annual instruction courses, which aim to increase the skill base of our members and encourage safe practices. Instruction courses include bush and snow schools (beginners and advanced), and other skills and techniques courses.  These are extremely cheap compared to other courses, partly because all our instructors are volunteers. From time to time, the club also organises more formal courses, such as outdoor first aid, avalanche awareness and river school.

We own an iconic club hut, Ōngāruanuku (or O’nuku for short), the oldest hut in the Waitakere Ranges. It has been visited by various dignitaries such as prime ministers and mountaineering legends (Sir Edmund Hillary!), and was also the location of a low budget horror film called ‘Five’. It is the location for numerous tramping club shindigs, unencumbered by noise restrictions. It is also on the edge of the Ark in the Park bird sanctuary, so there are lots of rare birds around.

How to Join

To join the legendary tramping club or for more information go to our join page, and our lovely Memberships Officer will get in touch with you. If you don’t hear from us within a week, email us at: [email protected]

I still need convincing

As a club member you also get great discounts with leading outdoor suppliers, you get a free copy of the club magazine- Footprints, free use of our Hut in the Waitakeres, cheap gear hire, the cheapest bush craft and mountaineering skills courses around(by a country mile) and you get to go on all our great trips and events.

Benefits of membership:

  • You are a member of the best and most active club on campus!
  • You can attend all tramping club trips and events
  • You have free access to club gear, such as alpine gear, tents, cookers- although you are expected to have your own personal gear such as a sleeping bag and boots.
  • Free use of our tramping hut
  • We run alpine (snow school) bushcraft (bush school) instruction courses
  • See some of the most amazing parts of New Zealand
  • Our trips are run by volunteers so they are very cheap! The only cost is petrol, food, and hut passes.
  • You will be part of and contribute to a legendary club that has been around since 1932 and it is part of the true Auckland University experience

For each trip that you do, you will have to pay a small amount to cover the consumables and services you use (petrol for transport, food, accommodation etc.) It’s a good thing that trip leaders are generally very good at keeping trip costs to a minimum! The cost of each trip will depend on where it is, cost of food, how many people are going, and other factors such as these. (Sometimes, trips are also subsidized)

So what are you waiting for?! Go to our join page and become a member of the tramping club!

If you have any questions about being a club member, feel free to email the Memberships Officer, Yonghui, at [email protected]